Promethean is a global education technologies company that develops, integrates and implements learning environments. As part of the firm’s rebrand, this animated film features one of their most successful interactive screens and demonstrates how it can be utilised in various learning environments. Charming characters guide us through the brand’s story with a narrative arch built around the invention of the wheel, which subtly reinforces the circadian nature of learning through the ages and beyond.
Client: Promethean
Director: Melanie Krein
Production company: Not To Scale
Agency: Kontent Partners - Lou Maxon, Ian Kimmich
Executive Producer: Eve Ehrich
Producer: Oana Anghel, Chris Gargani
Design: Andrea Devia Nuño
Animation: Joe Bichard, Andy Hague, Hozen Britto, Bianca Beneduci, Cako Facioli
Sound Design: Sonitus

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