South Downs Renature Campaign
Nature recovery in the South Downs National Park is key to ensure habitats are maintained, restored and expanded, so that everyone can experience nature and wildlife at their best. Various projects aim to give nature more space to recover and flourish again.
At the heart of the National Park’s Renature Campaign lies an animated film that takes us on a nocturnal journey through the South Downs’ magnificent landscapes. A stylised environment features natural textures and a variety of plant and animal species that all have their home in the South Downs. Together with a touch of mystery and magic, the audience witnesses the force of renaturing happening whilst time is speeding up in a little girl’s dream world.
Client: South Downs National Park
Agency: We Are Tilt
Director: Melanie Krein
Creative Strategist: Andy McLane
Production: Gabrielle Gregory, Linnéa Söderholm
Design: Melanie Krein
Animation: Nick Brooks, Melanie Krein
VO Artist: Ella McLane, Emma de Polnay
Sound Design: Sonitus

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